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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Day Hike to Thunderhead Mountain

The troop will go on a day hike on Saturday, February 10th up to the summit of Thunderhead Mountain in the Smokies. It is a nice hike (Trail to Thunderhead Mountain) in the GSMNP and is similar in distance and difficulty to the hike up to Mt. LeConte we did in 2015. Note that we will be taking the Lead Cove Trail up to join the Bote Mountain Trail shortens the round trip distance to 11.5 miles relative to the hike described in the link above. The elevation gain is 3665 feet. The summit is at 5527 feet so dress in layers to keep warm. It will be windy and cold at the top and there is a good chance we will encounter snow at higher elevations. Please plan to meet at Kern UMC at 7:00AM. Bring your 10 essentials, a water bottle, and pack a lunch to east at the summit. We plan to be back at Kern around 6:00PM. Click here for more info.

Curtis' Eagle Scout Court of Honor

The troop held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Curtis on December 3rd at Kern Memorial United Methodist Church. Scouts arrived at 2:30PM to setup and the ceremony began at 3:00.  The ceremony was followed by a reception in the family life center.

Shooting Sports

Our annual shooting sports outing this year was held on the weekend of November 10-12. We met at Kern UMC at 6:00PM on Friday and got to Camp Buck Toms around 7:30PM so we had to set up camp in the dark. Saturday morning we had breakfast and finished arranging our camp in the daylight. After breakfast there was a safety briefing on the various firearms we would be using. The scouts were divided up into three groups and rotated between the archery, rifle, and shotgun ranges. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a great time. Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast, packed up camp and headed home. We got back to Kern around 10:15AM. Click here for more photos.

Frozen Head Day Hike

The weather was so bad that we decided not to go on this outing.

Reid's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Reid's hard work has paid off, and his Eagle Rank was approved. His Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, October 15th, at 3:00PM at Kern United Methodist Church.  The ceremony was followed by a reception in the family life center.

Sea Kayaking High Adventure Program

The troop went on the sea kayaking high adventure trek offered by the BSA Coastal Georgia Council. It was a week long adventure on October 7th through the 14th, the second week of Fall Break for Oak Ridge Schools. We had 14 scouts and 5 adults participate. We drove down to Camp Tolochee on Saturday, October 7th, and camped Saturday night. The program began right after lunch on Sunday. We spent Sunday and Monday learning to kayak and how to rescue people whose kayak flipped over. On Tuesday we drove up to the boat ramp at Belleville Point and launched the kayaks from there. All associated equipment such as the kayaks, PFD's, food, cooking equipment, tents, etc. were provided by the program. After launching we split up into two groups and each group took a different path to our campsite on Creighton Island. Once there, we setup camp and swam and fished before dinner. Wednesday, we set out just before high tide to explore the "Northwest Passage" and the "No Guts No Glory" though the marsh. We saw a shark, a sea turtle eating a horseshoe crab, and a manatee. On the way back, the wind was blowing the roughly the direction we wanted to go so the scouts used tarps to construct sails. Thursday, we paddled over to a sandbar that appears out in the middle of the channel at low tide. It made a nice beach for swimming and fishing. We stayed there until it disappeared as the tide came in. When we got back to camp, we did a service project to the owner of the island clean up and repair his dock after Hurricane Irma. On Friday, we paddled to a different sandbar and played there until the direction of the tide changed. Then the tide carried us back to the landing at Belleville Point. We loaded the kayaks back on the trailers and drove back to Camp Tolochee. Back at base camp, we washed the equipment, played in the pool. For dinner we were treated to a low country boil followed by an awards program where we received our pirate names and program patches and certificates. Saturday morning we had breakfast and drove back to Oak Ridge. We arrived back at Kern around 6:30PM. Click here for more info.

Roan Highlands Backpacking

On the weekend of September 9-10 the troop went backpacking to the Roan Highlands near Elizabethton, TN. We met at Kern UMC at 8:00AM on Saturday morning and got to the trailhead just before 11:00AM. It was a beautiful day and a very pleasant hike out to Grassy Ridge where we camped. Although this was a relatively short hike, it is very interesting and the elevation gain gave us a good workout. During the hike we passed through an island of old growth spruce forest left over from the last ice age, patches of rhododendron and other heath scrub, blueberry thickets, and grassy balds. This is one of the most biologically diverse areas in North America. We camped at 6,280ft so the temperature was in the 30's when we got up on Sunday morning. In addition to the cold, the wind was howling and we were above the cloud level so everything was wet from condensation. We decided to hike on down to the trailhead where the conditions would be better and have brunch rather than having breakfast at the summit. We plan got back to Kern UMC around 2:30PM on Sunday afternoon. Click here for more photos.

Ocoee Whitewater Rafting

On the weekend of August 26-27 the troop went whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. We used Ocoee Inn Rafting as our outfitter. We met at Kern at 11:00AM and got to the outfitter in plenty of time to check-in for our 2:00PM trip and do the prep work for the new BSA White Water Rafting patch. We paddled 5 miles on the middle section of the river with class 3 and class 4 rapids and we were on the water for about 2 hours. The rafts and all of the gear we needed was supplied by the outfitter and there was be a guide in all three of our rafts. The trip down the river was awesome. Few of us got thrown out of the raft but were able to be hauled back in. We were also able to complete all the requirements fot white water pacth. After rafting we headed over to Thunder Rock campground which is run by the US Forest Service. We stayed at campsites #38, #39, #40, #41, and #42 and we had a very plesant evening. We got back to Kern around 11:30AM on Sunday morning. The cost for this outing was $35.00 to pay for the outfitter, food, and the campground. Click here for more photos.

Water Sports

The troop will went on our annual water sports outing the weekend of August 11-13. Nineteen scouts and eight adults participated. We met at Kern UMC at 6:00 on Friday and got to Anderson County Park a little after 7:00PM. We set up camp and had a pleasant evening. After breakfast on Saturday, we got the boats ready and we were on the water around 10:30AM. Around 1:00PM we heading back to camp for lunch. While eating lunch (under the shelter) we had a torrential rain storm, but it had passed by the time we were ready to head back out on the lake. After a full day of tubing, we get back to camp around 6:30PM and had dinner. Not long after the scouts were ready to call it a day. Sunday morning we had breakfast, packed up camp and headed home. We got back at Kern UMC around 10:00AM on Sunday morning. Click here for more photos.

Summer Camp

Our troop attended summer camp at Camp Buck Toms on Watts Bar Lake near Rockwood during Week 3 (June 18th - 24th). The troop met a Elm Grove Park on Sunday the 18th at 12:00PM to load persoanl gear. We arrived at Camp Buck Toms just before 1:30PM. After checking in, we had a tour of the camp and took the BSA swim test. All of the scouts in our trrop who took the test passed. We had an awsome week, good weather and no serious issues. Sever weather was predicted near the end of the week but did not materialize. This was out first time staying at Campsite #11 and it was fantastic. We returned to Kern UMC on Saturday, June 24th around 11:00AM and had the trailer unloaded by 11:30AM. Click here for more photos.

Owen's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Owen's Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, June 11th, at 3:00PM in the sanctuary at Kern Memorial United Methodist Church. There was a reception following the court of honor in the Fellowship Hall. Click here for more photos.

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August 11-13: Water Sports (Lake Norris)
August 26-27: White Water Rafting (Ocoee River)
September 9-10: Backpacking (Roan Highlands)
September 25: Troop Court of Honor
October 7-14: Sea Kayaking (Camp Tolochee)
October 15: Reid's Eagle Scout Count of Honor
October 28: Day Hike (Frozen Head SP)
November 10-12: Shooting Sports (Camp Buck Toms)
December 3: Curtis' Eagle Scout Court of Honor
December 27-31: Winter Camp (Camp Bert Adams)
January 27: Scouting for Food (bag distribution)
January 29: Troop Court of Honor
February 3: Scouting for Food (bag collection)
February 4: Scout Sunday
February 10: Day Hike (Thunderhead Mountain)
February 17: Roane State Merit Badge College
March 2-3: Cooking Outing (Camp Pellissippi)
March 23-25: 3-Day Backpacking Trip (TBD)
April 20-22: TBD
May 11-13: TBD
May 28: Troop Court of Honor


Troop 328 is honored to be sponsored by Kern United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We belong to the Pellissippi District of the Great Smokey Mountain Council. Our troop has been active for more than 50 years and in that time over 100 scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Anyone interested in joining our troop is welcome to visit a troop meeting. We meet on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 at Kern United Methodist Church. It is a good idea to contact the Scoutmaster make sure we are not meeting elsewhere on the day of your visit. Membership is open to boys who have earned the Arrow of Light award as a Webelos, or have completed the fifth grade, or who are 11 through 17 years old.