BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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2016-2017 Calendar

August 12-14: Water Sports (Lake Norris)
September 10-11: Canoe Trip (Freach Broad River)
September 12: Popcorn Sales Begin
September 19: Troop Court of Honor
September 24: Horsemanship merit badge
October 1-9: Northern Tier Canoe Base (BWCAW)
October 14-16: Backpacking (Fiery Gizzard Trail)
October 16: Will's Eagle Scout Court of Honor
October 24: Turn in Popcorn Orders
November 11-13: Shooting Sports (Camp Buck Toms)
December 17: Day Hike (House Mountain)
Dec 27-31: Winter Camp (Camp Pellissippi)
January 7: Snow Sports
January 28: Scouting for Food (bag distribution)
January 30: Troop Court of Honor
February 4: Scouting for Food (food collection)
February 12: Scout Sunday
February 18: Roane State Merit Badge College
March 3-5: Cooking Outing (Camp Pellissippi)
March 24-26: Angle Falls Backpacking (Big South Fork)
April 21-23: Charit Creek Backpacking (Big South Fork)
April 29: Eagle Project work day (Curtis)
April 30: Bicycle safety class (Kern Methodist)
May 20-21: Bike Outing (Natchez Trace)
May 22: Troop Court of Honor
May 27: Place Flags on Veteran's Graves
May 29: Scout Physicals
June 2-4: Caving (Lost Creek Cave)
June 5: Scout Physicals (makeup)
June 11: Eagle Scout Court of Honor (Owen)
June 18-24: Summer Camp