BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Backpacking on the Cumberland Trail

Fun was has by all on the backpacking outing, October 6-7, on the Cumberland Mountain Segment of the Cumlerland Trail. We started at Egale Bluff on Saturday around 11:00am and hiked to Tank Springs. We got there around noon on Sunday after spending the night at the shelter on the trail.

Here we are at Egale Bluff where we started our hike.

Taking a rest (snack) break on the trail.

Here we are at Window Rock -- an interesting formation on the trail.

Here we are at the shelter where we spent the night. If you see any scouts you don't recognize, it is because we were sharing the shelter with BSA Troop 73 from Norris, TN.

Packing up and getting ready to hit the trail on Sunday morning.

Here we are at Patrick's ladder. The installation of this ladder on the trail was Patrick's eagle scout project.

Bobby Fulcher is telling us about how difficult it was to construct Patrick's ladder as well as explainning the geology of the ridge we are hiking along the top of.

Here we are at the end of the trail at Tank Springs.