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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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NEWS 2012-2013

Bobby's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Bobby was held on July 13th at 2:00PM at Kern United Methodist Church. The ceremony was in the sanctuary and was followed by a reception in the Family Life Center.

Summer Camp

Our troop attended summer camp at Camp Stahlman on the Boxwell Scout Reservation next to Old Hickory Lake (near NAshville) from Sunday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 29th. We had good weather and the facilities at Camp Stahlman were first rate. 17 scouts and 5 adults were there and all had a very good time. Bobby won the triathalon (run, bike, shoot) and we entered a team in the dodgeball tournament. Detailed information on the summer camp program can be found in the Leaders Guide.    Click here for more photos.

Russell's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Russell was held on June 9th at 2:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge. The ceremony was followed by a reception.

Chandler's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Chandler's Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, June 2nd, at First United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge. The ceremony started at 2:00PM and was followed by reception.

Bike Hike on the Silver Comet Trail

The troop went on a 50/25 mile bike hike along the Silver Comet Trail on the weekend of May 18th. We met at Kern at 5:00 on Friday to load our new trailer with gear and load the bicycles onto the ATV trailer before we hit the road. We had 14 scouts and 7 adults on the trip so both trailers were loaded down. The weather was good when we left the church at around 6:30 but it was dark and raining hard when we got to the campground near Rockmart, GA. After a little trouble finding out where we were supposed to setup camp, we pitched the tents (in the rain) and then had a snack (cracker barrel) and went to bed. It rained pretty hard all night. On Saturday morning we got up at 7:00 and had a hot breakfast. There were still rain showers in the area so we took our time getting ready to head over to the trailhead hoping that the weather would improve. We headed out for the Carter Road trail access at around 9:20 and by the time we got there and got all the bikes unloaded and ready, the weather had improved significantly. We had a very pleasant ride along the 27 miles of trail back to the campground. All the scouts completed the first half of the ride with only a few minor mechanical problems with the bikes and two crashes. Everyone was back at camp (the campground was right next to the trail) by 1:30 for lunch. After a short rest, nine of the scouts and the two adults who were still able to ride headed out for the second half of the ride a little after 2:00PM. The remaining scouts and stayed in camp. It was a gorgeous afternoon and the nine scouts finished the second 27 miles (for a total of 53 miles) at around 6:30. We picked them up near the GA-AL state line (Esom Hill trailhead) and brought them back to camp. We all had a good supper and a very pleasant evening. All of the scouts appeared to be having a good time. On Sunday morning we got up at 7:00 and had a light breakfast. We broke camp without incident but before we could get all the gear loaded back on the trailer, the rain returned and most of the scouts personal gear got wet (again). We drove home through several serious thunderstorms with heavy rain and got back to the church at around 12:30. Fortunately, we were able to unload the gear and dismiss the troop during a break in the weather.

Troop Court of Honor

A Troop Court of Honor was held on Monday, May 13th, at First Methodist Church (Kern United Methodist Church was undergoing renovation). We had a potluck dinner (it was really good) beforte the ceremony. Numerous awards were presented and our recent Eagle Scouts were recognized.

Vincent's Eagle Court of Honor

Vincent's Eagle Court of Honor was held on Saturday, May 11th, at 1:00PM at Oak Ridge High School in the amphitheater. The ceremony was followed by a reception and we were able to check out Vincent's Eagle Project, the big chess board of ORHS.

Patrick's Eagle Court of Honor

Patrick's Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, May 5th, at Kern United Methodist Church in the sanctuary. The ceremony was followed by a reception in the Family Life Center (gym).

Scout Work Day at Camp Pellissippi

A scout work day was held at Camp Pellissippi on April 20th. Our troop had five scouts and two leaders to participate. Scouts spent most of their time clearing trails. The troop left Kern church just after 11:00AM and got back a little before 4:00PM.

Roane State Observatory / Astronomy Merit Badge

On the evening of Saturday, April 20th, the troop visited the Roane State Observatory and completed several requirements for the Astronomy merit badge. The observatory was open for public viewing that night so several scout families are able to join us. David Fields, the observatory director, gave us a tour of the observatory and setup a telescope to look at the sun when we arrived. Several area amateur astronomers were on hand and to help the scouts find the stars, constellations, and planets needed to complete the merit badge requirements. The troop met at Kern at 6:30PM and we got back right at 11:00PM. We had 18 scouts (counting 2 cub scouts), 5 adult leaders, and 11 other family members. In case you couldn't make it on the 20th, we will have a make-up session at the observatory on June 1st. Please try to complete merit badge requirements 4a and 4b own your own before the middle of May. If you missed any of the merit badge study sessions you can get the astronomy merit badge worksheet here and the information to complete it here.

Spring Camporee / Search and Rescue Merit Badge

Our troop participated in the Cherokee District Spring Camporee on April 5-7 at Camp Boxwell. While there we worked on the Search and Rescue merit badge. We camped in tents on the Camp Craig (part of Camp Boxwell) activity field. It was already getting dark when we got there and setting up camp in the dark was an adventure. Meals were provided by our hosts.
After breakfast and the morning assembly, the scouts were divided into groups and went off to work on the study portion of the SAR merit badge. While the scouts were hard at work, the leaders went over and checked out the site where we will camping during summer camp. It appears to be a very good site, next to the lake and convenient to the bath house, dinning hall, and pool. After lunch, the groups of scouts participated in separate practice search and rescue exercises. Each group was given a search area to cover and the scouts had to come up with a search plan using what they had learned during the morning sessions. A "victim", played by a member of the local OA lodge, was placed in each search area.
If the scouts were able to find the victim in their search area, they then had to apply emergency first aid and perform a rescue. After dinner (excellent BBQ)the scouts attended the campfire ceremony where they performed a song that they learned at Camp Buck Toms. We also participated in the Cobbler Cook-Off and our cherry cobbler won first place.
One of the requirements for the SAR merit badge was to have been completed prior to the camporee. Scouts can still complete the merit badge by taking the online Incident Command System training and turning in their certificate of completion. The course is found on the FEMA website. Click here for more details.

Scout Work Day at Kern Methodist

We had a scout work day on Saturday morning, March 23 at Kern Church. The Scouts trimmed hedges near the front of the Church, cleared brush near the driveway entrance to the Scout Room, decommissioned a raft(built and raced by the troop several years ago) and a refrigerator. They also picked up trash near the entrance to the Scout room.

Eagle Court of Honor for Marcus

The Eagle Court of Honor for Marcus was held at 2:00 on Sunday, March 17th, in the sanctuary at Kern Methodist Church. The ceremony was followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall at the church.

Troop Cooking Outing

The troop went on a cooking outing at Camp Pellissippi on March 1-3. We met at Kern at 5:30PM on Friday to load the troop gear and we got to Camp Pellissippi at around 7:00PM. The purpose of this outing was to provide an opportunity for those scouts who needed to complete cooking/camping requirements to do so. Some of the older scouts participated in Caleb's Eagle project during the day on Saturday and the younger scouts stayed in camp to work on advancements. We were not able to complete any of the observations for the Astronomy merit badge because it was too cloudy. We arrived back at Kern around 10:20 on Sunday morning. Click here for more photos.

Work Day for Caleb's Eagle Project

Mr. Davis, a deacon at West End Church of Christ, donated several trees to the church. Caleb's project involved digging up several trees from Mr. Davis's property, transporting them to the church grounds, and replanting them there. The workday for this project was on March 2. The weather was cold and snowy, but we all had a good time. Caleb's mom fed us sandwiches at the church which was much appreciated! Click here to see more photos.

Roane State Merit Badge College

We had 17 scouts attend the Roane State Merit Badge college on Saturday, February 16th, at the Harriman campus. We met at Kern at 7:15AM (it seemed earlier) to make sure we got to Roane State on time since our troop had the honor of performing the opening flag ceremony. The closing flag ceremony, also performed by our troop, concluded just after 3:45PM. We arrived back at Kern around 4:30PM.

Scout Sunday

The troop participated in Scout Sunday on February 10th by attending the 11:00 worship service at Kern United Methodist Church. Sunday, February 2nd, was actually Scout Sunday but we had to reschedule it of the snow. We had 13 scouts and 6 adult leaders attending. Mr. Johnson, our troop chaplain reported of the troops activities during the service. We are truly blessed to have such a fine meeting location and as well as use of the scout room for storage of our equipment.

Scouting for Food

The scouts distributed the collection bags house to house on foot on Saturday morning, February 9th. It began snowing about an hour into the bag distribution which made for a lot of fun. The following Saturday we collected the food donations and took them over to Grace Lutheran Church where we helped to sort the donated food items. Our troop collected approximately 720 items after removing those that were out-of-date or had been opened.

Troop Court of Honor

Our troop held a Court of Honor on Monday, January 28th at the church. The event was well attended and many merit badges and rank advancements were acknowledged. The pot luck dinner was awesome.

Tennessee Tech Merit Badge University

On January 26th, our troop attended the Merit Badge University held at Tennessee Technological University by the Upper Cumberland District of the Boy Scouts of America. Participation was only open to those scouts whose rank is first class or above and are 13 years old or 12 years old and in the 8th grade. Eleven scouts attended and worked on the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge (4 scouts), the Citizenship in the Nation Merit badge (1 scout), the Radio merit badge (1 scout), the Composite Materials merit badge (1 scout), the Computers merit badge (1 scout), the Chess merit badge (1 scout), the Metalwork merit badge (1 scout), and the Veterinary Medicine merit badge (1 scout). Our Troop had the honor of being chosen to the closing/flag retirement ceremony.

Snow Sports Outing at Ober Gatlinburg

On Saturday, January 5th, we went on skiing at Ober Gatlinburg. This outing gave several of the 14 scouts who participated the opportunity to complete their Snow Sports merit badge. Scouts who had not skied before were required to take a lesson. Three scouts opted to go snow boarding rather than ski. We skied from about 3:00 in the afternoon until 9:30 in the evening so there were lots of sore mussels the next day. We got back to the church just after midnight. Click here to see more photos.

15 Mile Bike Hike along Knoxville Greenway

On Sunday, November 18th, we went on a bike ride along the Sequoyah, Third Creek, and Neyland Drive greenways. We met at the church at 1:00, loaded up the bicycles, and drove over to Sequoyah Park. We biked from Sequoyah Park to Bicentennial Park (Volunteer Landing)and back for a total trip of 15.4 miles. The bike ride took 3 hours and we got back to the church at 5:30. Click here to see more photos.

Eagle Court of Honor for Xavier

The Eagle Court of Honor for Xavier was held on Sunday, November 11th, at Kern Methodist Church. The ceremony was followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall at the church.

Shooting Sports Outing

The shooting sports outing was held over the weekend on November 2-4 at Camp Buck Toms and we had a great time. We camped at Camp Site #9 which shares a bath house with Camp Site #8 where we usually stay during summer camp -- but Camp Site #9 is closer to the covered pavilion. About half of us stayed in the adirondack shelters and half pitched a tent -- the people in tents got a surprise when we had a thunderstorm on Saturday evening. We setup camp Friday night and then got all the scouts up at 6:30 on Saturday morning (it was cold) so there would be plenty of time for breakfast before the safety briefing. An excellent safety briefing was presented by Mr. Brian Ripley from TWRA who went over general range safety as well as operation of the rifles and shotguns. Mr. Ripley was the range master for the rifles, Kitt and Bill Hevrdeys ran the archery range and Ben Haines ran the shotgun range. The scouts were divided up into three groups of 6 to 7 boys and they rotated through the between rifles, archery, and shotgun. The behavior and general conduct of the scouts was exceptionally good and we didn't encounter any safety issues. Several scouts qualified for merit badges. Saturday evening we had a spirited football game, a good meal, and a very pleasant campfire -- then came the storm. Sunday morning (what a good night for an extra hour of sleep) we had breakfast, packed up, and headed for home. Click here to see the photos Steve Braden took during the outing.

Eagle Court of Honor for Evan

An Eagle Court of Honor for Evan was held on Sunday, October 14th, at Kern United Methodist Church. The Court of Honor was followed by a reception in the church gym.

Backpacking Outing on the Cumberland Trail

Fun was has by all on the backpacking outing on the Cumberland Mountain Segment of the Cumberland Trail on October 6 and 7th. We started at Eagle Bluff on Saturday around 11:00am and hiked to shelter on the trail where we spent the night. On Sunday morning we continued on to Patrick's ladder and made our way to the end of the hike at Tank Springs around noon. Click here for mor photos.