BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Shooting Sports Outing

The shooting sports outing was held over the weekend on November 2-4 at Camp Buck Toms and we had a great time. We camped at Camp Site #9 which shares a bath house with Camp Site #8 where we usually stay during summer camp -- but Camp Site #9 is closer to the covered pavilion. About half of us stayed in the adirondack shelters and half pitched a tent -- the people in tents got a surprise when we had a thunderstorm on Saturday evening. We setup camp Friday night and then got all the scouts up at 6:30 on Saturday morning (it was cold) so there would be plenty of time for breakfast before the safety briefing. An excellent safety briefing was presented by Mr. Brian Ripley from TWRA who went over general range safety as well as operation of the rifles and shotguns. Mr. Ripley was the range master for the rifles, Kitt and Bill Hevrdeys ran the archery range and Ben Haines ran the shotgun range. The scouts were divided up into three groups of 6 to 7 boys and they rotated through the between rifles, archery, and shotgun. The behavior and general conduct of the scouts was exceptionally good and we didn't encounter any safety issues. Several scouts qualified for merit badges. Saturday evening we had a spirited football game, a good meal, and a very pleasant campfire -- then came the storm. Sunday morning (what a good night for an extra hour of sleep) we had breakfast, packed up, and headed for home.

Photos courtesy of Steve Braden. Please right click on photos and select "save target as" in order to download full resolution image.

Here we are on Saturday morning having breakfast before daylight.

Cleaning up and getting organized after breakfast.

Safety discussion with Brain Ripley and Bill Mills

At the archery range

At the rifle range

At the shotgun range

Back in camp on Saturday evening