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NEWS 2013-2014

Summer Camp

Our troop attended summer camp at Camp Stahlman on the Boxwell Scout Reservation next to Old Hickory Lake (near Nashville) from Sunday, June 22nd through Saturday, June 28th. Fourteen scouts and three adult leaders participated. We met at 11:30AM in Elm Grove Park (just down the street from Kern UMC), loaded up the trailer, and we were on the road by noon. We got caught in terrible traffic on I-40 about 8 miles before our exit onto Hwy 109 and wound up taking a detour through downtown Lebanon. We arrived at camp Boxwell around 2:30 and got checked in with no problems. We were assigned to campsite 16 (same as last year) which we shared with Troop 361 out of Huntsville, AL who had over 50 scouts there. We setup camp and went over for our swim test but by then it was too late to take the test. So we wound up taking the swim test on Monday morning (all of the scouts passed). The food was good and everything ran smoothly all week. There was a rain shower on Tuesday afternoon and (of course) just enough rain Friday night that some of our gear was wet when we packed up Saturday morning. We arrived back at Kern UMC around 12:45AM, unloaded the trailer, and the scouts were dismissed around 1:30PM. Click here for more photos.

Place Flags on Veteran's Graves

On Saturday, May 24th, the troop troop placeed American flags on the graves of veteran's at Anderson Memorial Gardens and the cemetery in Claxton.

Virgin Falls Day Hike

On Saturday, May 10th, the troop went on a day hike to the Virgin Falls State Natural Area. This was the most awesome hike ever! We had six scouts and 2 adults on the hike. The natural area is named for Virgin Falls, which is formed by an underground stream that emerges from a cave, then drops over a 110-foot high cliff before disappearing into another cave at the bottom of a sink hole. The area is known for its unique geological features and several other waterfalls including Big Laurel, Sheep Cave Falls, and Big Branch Falls. There are also several caves along the way. We met at Kern UMC at 7:00AM and got back just before 5:00PM. It was a moderate hike with about a 1000ft elevation change spread out over 4 miles. We also hiked the two spur trails to the overlook and Sheep Cave for a total trip of 10 miles. Click here for more info and a checklist of what to bring.

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

The troop is working on the Wilderness Survival merit badge. The "class" part of the requirements were completed at the Monday night meetings. If you missed one of the meetings, the class notes for completing the merit badge worksheet are available. For the outdoor (fun) part of the merit badge, we are meeting out where Tuskegee Drive turns into a gravel road (just past the disk golf course) at noon on Saturday, April 26th. There were 15 scouts and 2 leaders on this campout. We hiked up to the top of the ridge and camped on Dr. Clarke's property (with his permission). This exercise simulated getting lost in the woods so scouts showed up dressed and packed for a day hike. On the way up the side of the ridge, we stopped let each scout practice signaling with a mirror. Once we reached the top the scouts built their emergency shelters for the night and then worked on starting fires using three different methods other than matches or a lighter. Flint and steel, magnesium strikers, steel wool and a battery, Fresnel lenses, and a parabolic mirror were all used successfully. Even though we brought an extra gallon of water, we were running low by late afternoon, so a group of scouts took the water filter and found a small creek to filter water. Around 7:00 we built a campfire and cooked hot dogs over the fire (they were good). On Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, tore down the shelters and hiked back down to the road. We got back to where the scouts were to be picked up right at 8:00AM. Click here for more photos.

Scout Physicals on May 5th

All scouts and adult leaders must have a BSA Medical Record on file with the troop in order to participate in troop activities. Dr. Snodgrass, a former adult leader in our troop, has graciously agreed to perform the physical exams required by Part C of the BSA Medical Record form free of charge for our troop. Dr. Snodgrass will be at the regular Monday night meeting on May 5th and will perform the exams during the meeting. A copy of the medical record form was sent home with the scouts at the April 14th meeting. You can download it a copy from here. Please fillout parts A and B ahead of time and bring the form to the meeting so Dr. Snodgrass can fill out Part C. If you cannot attend either the meeting on May 5th (or you just prefer your own doctor) the form can be completed by another doctor and brought to a Monday meeting prior to June 9th meeting. All scouts going to Summer Camp or Sea Base must have a completed form on file, no exceptions. The forms will be kept on file by the troop so we can take them with us on outings and have them on hand in the case of a medical emergency. The adult leaders will take the necessary precautions to protect this information since it is sensitive. Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the BSA Medical Record.

Spring Camporee

Our troop participated in the Pellissippi District Spring Camporee at Camp Buck Toms on the weekend of April 12th. We had 18 scouts and 6 leaders in on the outing. The troop met at Kern UMC at 6:00PM on Friday and we got to Camp Buck Toms to get our camp (mostly) setup before dark. After dark we noticed lightning in the distance and it rained for about an hour just after lights out but we were ready for it. Saturday morning there was a heavy fog but cleared to blue sky by late morning. The scouts cooked their own breakfasts by patrol and then we headed over to the opening flag ceremony. We then spent most of the morning getting ready for the competitions in the afternoon. The Venturing Crew that organized the camporee demonstrated the various events so the scouts would know how to participate in each event. We were back in camp for lunch and then off to the competitions. There were 5 events in the afternoon and then a hamburger/potato cooking competition during dinner. First was fire starting with flint and steel where we got an honorable mention. The goal was to start a fire and burn through a 3/4" wooden dowel. We wood had done better but the scouts were so wrapped up in tending to the fire that they didn't notice when the dowel was burned through. Next was the ski competition where 4 scouts from each of the three patrols in our troop had to tie their feet to 2x4's and walk across the parade field (~ 150 feet). Our scouts did well at getting the skis setup (threading the ropes and tying the knots were part of the competition) and got off to a good start but fell behind because of coordination issues. Next was the first aid competition where each patrol have apply a leg and arm split to their "victim" and improvise a stretcher out of two spars and available clothing (shirts and jackets mostly). Once the splints were applied, the victim was put on the stretcher and carried across the parade field. We did very well at applying the first aid and were one of the first patrols to get our victim onto the stretcher. Unfortunately our patrol in the lead dropped the victim on his head (he was OK) so we did not finish in the top three. Next was the knot tying competition and our troop formed a new patrol with our best 4 knot tiers. Each patrol has to tie a series of 5 standard knots. They could only move on to the next knot after 3 of the 4 had completed each knot. The surprise twist was that they had to tie the knots behind their backs! Out troop completely dominated this event and finished all 5 knots in about half the time for the second place team. The last afternoon event was the lashing race. First two scouts had to tie their legs together with a particular lashing for a 3 legged race across the parade field. Once across the field they tagged their team mates who had to lash together an A frame and then "walk" it back across the field (like a ladder). We did very well with the 3 legged race and lashing the A frame, but one of the spars broke when we started to walk it across the field so we did not win. We then headed back to camp. The scouts cooked dinner which included hamburgers and a backed potato which were judged as part of a cooking competition. As far as we know none of the judges died from eating our scouts cooking but we didn't win the competition. After dinner we went to the closing campfire where there were some skits/songs, the OA callout, and awards for the different events. Our troop got first place for knot tying and we won the Scout Spirit Award for enthusiasm, attitude, and participation. Sunday morning we got up, had a light breakfast, and packed up camp before heading over to the chapel service. The service was quite long for being at camp so we did not arrive back at Kern UMC until 11:00AM that morning. Click here for more photos.

Orienteering Merit Badge

The troop is currently working on the Orienteering merit badge. We completed the "class" part of the requirements at the Monday night meetings. We did the "field" part of the requirements at Haw Ridge park on Saturday afternoon, April 5th, from 12:30PM to 4:30PM. The field work will involve following a couple of orienteering courses (setup by the Clinton High School ROTC) and designing our own course. We met at the parking area on the east side of Haw Ridge Park. It was a beautiful day and we had time to play a game based on following a compass heading and estimating distance. Afterward we ran three orienteering courses to finish up the merit badge requirements. Click here for more photos.

Savage Gulf Backpacking Trip

On the weekend of March 29th, the troop went on a backpacking trip to the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. There were 7 scouts and 2 leaders on this trip. We met at Kern UMC at 8:30AM on Saturday morning and checked everyone's gear to make sure they had the essentials. We got to the Stone Door ranger station at 11:45AM after driving through heavy rain the whole way. After signing in at ranger station and obtaining a backcountry camping permit we hit the trail. The trailhead was right next to the ranger station. We hiked along the Stone Door trail and after passing through the "door" continued on the Big Creek Gulf trail. FYI: "Gulf" is a local term for a gorge. The trail descended 700ft down into the gorge and runs along Big Creek. When we first got down to the bottom there was virtually no water in the river, but when we were about halfway up the gorge it suddenly filled with swift water -- runoff from all the rain that had just fallen. We took a long break to the junction with the Ranger Falls Trail (a side trail that leads up to ranger falls. This trail crosses the river but the water was up so high the rocks you were supposed to walk across on were wait deep. While we were there a family (father, two boys and a teenage girl) came back down the trail from Ranger Falls but they were stranded on the other side of the river. We helped them as much as we could by scouting up and down the river for a place to cross. Eventually, they risked wading across and all made it to safety but we were ready to intervene if necessary. The family headed back to the ranger station where they were staying at the campground and we headed on up the gorge. After another mile and a half we took another break before climbing the 700ft back up to the rim of the gorge. This climb was a challenge but everyone made it OK. Just over the rim was the Alum Gap camping area where we setup camp for the night. We had light rain all afternoon so we cooked dinner and went to bed at around 8:00PM. The tents and sleeping bags were mostly dry so even though it was near freezing Sunday morning, there was not much complaining about the cold. We built a fire to warm up,cooked breakfast, packed up camp, and got back on the trail around 10:30AM. This was about an hour later than we had planned but we stayed in our warm sleeping bags an extra 1/2 hour and some of the less experienced scouts has a hard time getting all their gear back into their backpacks. After the fog burned off, the morning was bright and sunny, and very pleasant. We headed out on the Big Creek Rim trail which went along the rim of the gorge. We got back to the Stone Door and around 12:30 and had lunch. From there it was an easy 1 mile hike back to the ranger station. We loaded up our gear and were on the road home at around 2:00PM and got back to Kern UMC at 4:45PM. Click here for more photos.

Charit Creek Backpacking Trip

On the weekend of March 1st, the troop went backpacking in the Big South Fork. We met at Kern UMC at 7:30AM and were on the road by 8:00. 24 scouts and 7 leaders went on this trip. When we got to the trailhead we had lunch and hiked in to Charit Creek Lodge (1.3 miles) where we planned to spend the night. After unloading our gear at the lodge, we hiked the Twin Arches Loop Trail (4.3 miles). We spent about half an hour at the arches so the scouts had time to explore. When we got back to the lodge, we did some service work to clear out the old blacksmaith shop in hopes that the park service can restore it. Later we cooked hotdogs over a fire while several scouts cooked trail meals as part of the Cooking and Camping merit badges. As far as we know, no one died from the scouts cooking. At night the cabins were lit by oil lamps and heated by wood stoves. Sunday morning we had pancakes, sausage, and bacon for breakfast. We had planned to do another hike on Sunday but we were so late leaving the lodge that we decided to come on home. After breakfast, the lodge caretaker had saddled up his horse and was allowing the scouts to ride as he led the horse around. This was a big distraction for the scouts while we were trying to get packedup to leave. We got back to the church around 3:15PM on Sunday. Click here for more photos.

Roane State Merit Badge College

On Saturday, February 15th, 15 scouts and 4 leaders attended the Roane State Merit Badge College at the Harriman campus. We met at Kern UMC at 7:15AM (it seemed a lot earlier) and left from there. We got there on time but the program was about 1/2 hour late getting started because the power was out in one of the buildings and several classes had to be relocated at the last minute. We had prison food for lunch ("chicken" strips and tater tots) but no one died. We got back to Kern UMC at around 4:40PM. Click here for more information.

Scout Sunday

On Sunday, February 9th, our troop attended to 11:00AM service at Kern UMC. We had five scouts and five leaders participate. Ken Johnson presented an update on the troops activities over the past year and four of the scouts served as uchers. This is the best opportunity we have each year for the troop to our appreciation to the church for sponsoring our troop and allowing us to use their facilities.

Scouting for Food

On Saturday, February 1st, and again on Saturday, February 8th, our troop participated in the Scouting for Food program to help those in need in our community. On the first Saturday the scouts distributed collection bags to homes in the neighborhoods around Kern UMC. The following Saturday, the scouts collected the donated food and took it to the food pantry at Grace Lutheran Church where they helped sort and box the donations. Our toop collected over 1000 donated items.

Merit Badge Series: Electricity, Electronics, and Radio

The Oak Ridge Amateur Radio Club will be presenting a series of merit badges this spring. The classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30PM at the Oak Ridge Power Squadron Building located at 707 Emory Valley Road. The Electricy, Electronics, and Radio merit badges will be presented. Click here for more information and the registration form.

Troop Court of Honor

A Troop Court of Honor was be held on Monday, January 27, at Kern United Methodist Church. We had an excellent potluck meal starting at 6PM that was followed by the award program. An impressive number of merit badges were earned since the last Court of Honor back in September and several rank advancements were also awarded. Bill Mills, our former Scout Master, presented the details on a series of merit badge courses on Electricity, Electronics, and Radio, that will be offered by the Oak Ridge Amateur Radio Club. Click here for more photos.

Tennessee Tech Merit Badge University

On Saturday, January 25th, 11 scouts and two leaders in our troop attended the Merit Badge University (open to scouts in the 8th grade and above) at Tennesse Tech University. This was an excellent opportunity to earn one of the many merit badges offered in engineering, science, or non-technical areas. Specific Merit Badges that qualify for Nova/Supernova within the STEM program were emphasized. Click here for more photos.

Snow Sports

The troop went on a snow sports outing to Ober Gatlinberg on Saturday, January 4th. We met at Kern at 1:00PM and got to Gatlinburg arounf 2:30PM. We got cheched-in, rode the aerial tram up the mountain, got our equipment, and hit the slopes just before 4:00PM. Three of the scouts went to the Ski School for a lesson and the rest hit the slopes. Three or four of the scouts snowboarded and the rest skiied. I fell around 7:00PM and squashed my camera so there are not a lot of picutres (sorry). We skiied until 9:45PM, tracked down a missing scout, and headed back down the tram. We arrived back at Kern a little after 12:30AM. Click here for more photos.

Winter Camp

Five scouts and two leaders attended winter camp this year at Camp Pellissippi this year. We met at Kern UMC at 10:00AM on Monday, December 30th, to load up out troop gear. We got there around noon and setup camp in the old staff area (just up the hill from the Winter Lodge). It was cloudy but not too cold (about 40 degrees). We shared the camp site with three other troops. Our scouts shared an adirondack shelter which had eight bunks, but they had it to themselves. One of the leaders stayed in a tent near the shelter where our scouts were staying, and the other leader scored a bunk the other adults in one of the adirondack shelters. Merit badge classes started Monday afternoon and were followed by dinner and the opening campfire. We had plenty of sleeping bags and blankets so we slept warm enough. We had a fire in camp and our meals and some of the merit badge classes were in cabins that had fire places, so we had several chances to warm up each day. Tuesday and Wednesday were sunny and cold, but there was very little complaining about the cold. On Wednesday evening there was a cobbler cookoff and our troop won first place with a strawberry (it was supposed to be cherry cobbler but I bought the wrong pie filling -- it looked like cherry on the label). It rained pretty hard during the night on Wednesday but we managed to stay mostly dry. Thursday was cold and wet but everyone had a good time anyway. Thursday afternoon the temperature dropped and by dinner time it was snowing. On Friday morning we had about an inch of snow (enough to turn everything white) and it was 14 degrees. We had breakfast, attended the last of the merit badge classes, and packed up camp. After lunch we loaded up the gear and headed home. We would have got back to Kern around 1:00PM but there were some delays getting the merit badge paperwork organized so we didn't get back unstill almost 2:30PM. Click here for more photos.

Crime Prevention Merit Badge

On November 9th the Oak Ridge Police Deptment provided an opportunity for scouts to earn the Crime Prevention merit badge. Officer Ben Haines (from our troop) condicted the merit badge in merit badge course in a single one day session. Scouts learned about crime prevention and the dangers of drug and alcohol, received a tour of the police department, saw a K9 demonstration, and much more.

Shooting Sports Outing

Our annual Shooting Sports Outing was held on the weekend of November 1-3. We will meet at Kern UMC on Friday evening at 5:30PM and got to Camp Buck Toms around 7:00PM. We setup camp in a hurry because it was getting dark then we had cracker barrel and built a campfire. Saturday morning we got up early and had breakfast. After breakfast we divided the scouts into three groups to rotate between the rifle range, archery, and the shotgun range. Bill Mills (our former Scout Master) gave safety briefing to the scouts and adults. The safety briefing was followed by a demonstration of each type of firearm and its safety features by Brian Ripley (a former Eagle Scout and adult leader form our troop). In addition, we were fortunate to have Kitt and Bill Hevrdeys there to run the archery range. After a full day of shooting we came back to camp and the scouts cleaned the guns. After that we had dinner and built another campfire. Sunday morning (after a wonderful extra hour of sleep) we got up and had a quick breakfast, packed up camp, and headed home. We got back to Kern at around 10:15AM. Click here for more photos.

Flag Retirement Ceremony with the Disabled American Veterans

On Saturday, October 26, our troop participated in a Flag Retirement Ceremony with the Disabled American Veterans Chapter# 26 in Oliver Springs. We met at the DAV at 10:00AM to build the fire. At around 10:30AM we perfromed the ceremony to begin detroying the flags. Sevreal mebers of the DAV chapter also participated. We had planned to conitue retiring flags until 4:00PM in the afternoon but it wne much faster than we had anticipated and we finished arounf 1:00PM.

16 Mile Bike Ride in Oak Ridge

On Sunday, October 20, our troop wnet on a 16 mile bike ride. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a very plesanrt ride. We met at 1:30 at the west end guard shack on the OR Trnpk and rode west using the bike lane on Hwy 95 anf then Hwy 58. At the East Tennessee Technology Park (K25 plant) we turned onto Bear Creek Road. Since it was sunday afternoon we only saw one vehicle on Bear Creek Road but lots of other cyclists. We hung a left where Bear Creek Road intersects with Hwy 95 and head back to the guard shack. We got back to the guard shack around 3:30.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Caleb

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Caleb was held on October 6th, from 2-4PM at West End Church of Christ. The ceremony was held in the sanctuary and was followed by a reception.
Click here for more photos.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Jared

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Jared was held at 2:00PM on September 29th at Kern United Methodist Church. The ceremony took place in the sanctuary and was be followed by a reception in the Family Life Center.

Overnight Canoe Trip on the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River

On the weekend of September 21-22 our troop went on an overnight canoe trip on the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. We canoed 20 miles the lower section from the Blue Heron mine to the Hwy 927 river access. 16 scouts and 8 adults participated. We met at 7:30AM on Saturday morning and it was pouring rain but the forecast was for the rain to move out around lunch time. We drove to the Hwy 927 river access and parked there. The outfitter (Sheltowee Trace Outfitters) picked us up there and shuttled us and the canoes to the Blue Heron Mine river access. The shuttle ride took about an hour. After we got there we unloaded the canoes and distributed the life jackets and paddles it was ~11:30AM, but it was still raining so we decided to go ahead and eat lunch under the picnic shelter. We finally got on the water around 12:30PM but there was still a heavy drizzle. After about half an hour on the river it became clear that we did not do a very good job pairing up scouts in the canoes. Even though they were all frantically paddling, some canoes spent half the time pointed in the wrong direction paddling upstream, some were going in a never ending circle, and some were constantly running aground on the bank. After a few strategic swaps, be began to make progress down the river. The rain/drizzle held on until about 2:30 in the afternoon, but then the sun came out and we had a beautiful afternoon. Several canoes tipped over in the rapids but we made it to the Alum Ford boat ramp where we planned to camp at around 6:15PM. There is a campground with 6 campsites at the boat ramp but all of the sites were occupied by the time we got there so we camped in teh grass next to the boat ramp. We setup camp (most of our gear was dry but so of the dry bags had leaked) and had a pleasant dinner. After dinner, we packed up our food and cooking gear to bear proof our camp. Because our group was so large we had about 200lbs of food/cooking gear distributed between 11 bags. The load was so heavy the scouts were only able to hoist it up about 6 or 7 feet up and we didn't have another rope long enough to make a second line. I think we would have only been safe against a short handicapped bear, but the food far enough from our tents to achieve the main goal of keeping bears away from our camp. Sunday morning was very foggy but not as cold as forecast. We had breakfast, packed up camp, and loaded the canoes by around 10:30AM and by then we had bright sunshine. We stopped for lunch around 12:30 and got to the Hwy 927 river access around 2:30PM. Along the river we saw a beaver lodge, a couple of bald eagles, and some hawks, blue herons, and river otters. We loaded the canoes and were on the road home by about 3:30PM and were back at the church around 5:45PM. Click here for more photos.

Roan Highlands Backpacking Trip

We met at Kern UMC at 11:30 on Saturday, September 7th, distributed the troop gear, and were on the road to Carver's Gap just after 12:00 noon. The drive took about 3 hours. The parking at the trailhead was nearly full but we managed to get all three vehicles off the road and in the gravel lot. The hike out to Grassy Ridge took about 3 hours and the views from the various balds were spectacular. None of the scouts have any trouble with the hike but most were ready to setup camp once we got there. We pitched the tents and had a relaxing dinner while taking in the scenery. As the sun went down if cooled off quickly and soon everyone was wearing their warm clothes. Once it was dark the view of the sky was breathtaking. We did some astronomy looking at Venus and Saturn along with several major stars and constellations. The best part was that it was very dark with almost a new moon and so that the Milky Way was clearly visible. I went to bead around 10:00PM but was awakened around 2:00AM by the sound of my tent flapping in the wind. During the night the cloud ceiling had dropped below our elevation (6280 ft.) and the wind was gusting to at least 40 mph. Sunday morning when we got up we were still in the clouds and the wind was still howling. Visibility was only a few feet. We were relieved when all the scouts were accounted for -- no one had been blown off the mountain during the night. After breakfast we packed up and headed back toward the trailhead, still in the clouds but with better visibility. We did not descend down out of the clouds until we were only about 100 yards from where we parked. We loaded our gear in the vehicles and drove down to Roan Mountain State Park to eat lunch. We arrived back at Kern UMC around 4:00PM on Sunday afternoon. Click here for more photos.

Water Sports Outing

The troop went on our annual water sports outing the weekend of August 16-18. We met at Kern Methodist Church at 6:00 on Friday and we were on the road in 20 minutes becasue we loaded the troop gear onto our trailer during the meeting on Monday evening. We got to Anderson County Park on Lake Noris around 7:30 so there was plenty of time to set up camp and build a fire before dark. On Saturday morning we got up at 7:00 to cook breakfast and get our equipment ready to head out on the lake. Before heading down to the lake the scouts put up all of our troop tents (we have 11 that are in good shape) to make sure all the parts were there and to waterproof them. Keith brought his boat and Dan Davis arrived with his boat around 9:00. We cannot thank Dan enough for for spending his Saturday with us even though his son, Chandler, has already gone off to college. With two boats, each pulling three tubes, we were able to have 14 to 16 scouts riding at the same time. The scouts were divided into three groups of 8 by age/size. One group could go out on each boat while the ramining group could either hang out in the swimming area or go back to camp. Jared is a BSA trained lifeguard, so he helped us out at the swimming area when we was not out on a boat. Thanks Jared! The scouts tubed for a coupled of hours before we headed back to camp for lunch. After lunch the scouts took down the troop tents that had been waterproofed and put them away before heading back out on the lake. We got back to camp at around 6:00 for dinner. We had blueberry and cherry cobbbler for dessert with ice cream!! We very much appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Dukes who brought the ice cream by that evening! It started to rain around 9:00PM so we had our campfire around a lantern under the shelter. It rained hard all night but quit before we rolled out of bed at 7:00 on Sunday morning. We packed up our very wet gear and had a light breakfast before heading home. We got back to Kern church around 10:30 Sunday morning.    Click here for more photos.

Map and Compass Hike

On Saturday, August 24th, we hiked a ~7 mile loop along the North Boundary Trail in Oak Ridge. This hike was tailoered to fulfill requirement 1b (5 mile hike with map and compass) for those scouts who have not yet achived second class. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot,and we were on the trail for about 3 1/2 hours with ~10 stops to determine our position on the map and to take a compass bearing back to the trailhead and to the summit of Blair Mountain.

New Scout Trailer Detailed

In case you haven't heard, our troop was very fortunate to receive a trailer donated by a troop from Knoxville that disbanded. After several generous donations, Michael Bowling had the our troop info and the scout emblem painted on the sides and rear. He also had our trrop number (328) painted on the roof to help locate it if it is stolen. In addition, Kern Methodist Church has graiously granted us use of the shed where their bus was once parked so you can stop by and see it for yourself the next time you are at the church.

Shane's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Shane was held on August 4th at Camp Pellissippi. Light fare was served at the winter lodge starting at 5:30PM and the ceremony began at 7:00PM in the Lakeside Ampitheater. The ceremony was performed by the Pellissippi OA lodge.    Click here for more photos.

Bobby's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Bobby was held on July 13th at 2:00PM at Kern United Methodist Church. The ceremony was in the sanctuary and was followed by a reception in the Family Life Center.    Click here for more photos.

Summer Camp

Our troop attended summer camp at Camp Stahlman on the Boxwell Scout Reservation next to Old Hickory Lake (near NAshville) from Sunday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 29th. We had good weather and the facilities at Camp Stahlman were first rate. 17 scouts and 5 adults were there and all had a very good time. Bobby won the triathalon (run, bike, shoot) and we entered a team in the dodgeball tournament. Detailed information on the summer camp program can be found in the Leaders Guide.    Click here for more photos.

Russell's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Russell was held on June 9th at 2:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge. The ceremony was followed by a reception.

Chandler's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Chandler's Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, June 2nd, at First United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge. The ceremony started at 2:00PM and was followed by reception.

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