BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Pellissippi District Spring Camporee

Our troop participated in the Pellissippi District Spring Camporee at Camp Buck Toms on the weekend of April 12th. We had 18 scouts and 6 leaders in on the outing. The troop met at Kern UMC at 6:00PM on Friday and we got to Camp Buck Toms to get our camp (mostly) setup before dark. After dark we noticed lightning in the distance and it rained for about an hour just after lights out but we were ready for it. Saturday morning there was a heavy fog but cleared to blue sky by late morning. The scouts cooked their own breakfasts by patrol and then we headed over to the opening flag ceremony. We then spent most of the morning getting ready for the competitions in the afternoon. The Venturing Crew that organized the camporee demonstrated the various events so the scouts would know how to participate in each event. We were back in camp for lunch and then off to the competitions. There were 5 events in the afternoon and then a hamburger/potato cooking competition during dinner. First was fire starting with flint and steel where we got an honorable mention. The goal was to start a fire and burn through a 3/4" wooden dowel. We wood had done better but the scouts were so wrapped up in tending to the fire that they didn't notice when the dowel was burned through. Next was the ski competition where 4 scouts from each of the three patrols in our troop had to tie their feet to 2x4's and walk across the parade field (~ 150 feet). Our scouts did well at getting the skis setup (threading the ropes and tying the knots were part of the competition) and got off to a good start but fell behind because of coordination issues. Next was the first aid competition where each patrol have apply a leg and arm split to their "victim" and improvise a stretcher out of two spars and available clothing (shirts and jackets mostly). Once the splints were applied, the victim was put on the stretcher and carried across the parade field. We did very well at applying the first aid and were one of the first patrols to get our victim onto the stretcher. Unfortunately our patrol in the lead dropped the victim on his head (he was OK) so we did not finish in the top three. Next was the knot tying competition and our troop formed a new patrol with our best 4 knot tiers. Each patrol has to tie a series of 5 standard knots. They could only move on to the next knot after 3 of the 4 had completed each knot. The surprise twist was that they had to tie the knots behind their backs! Out troop completely dominated this event and finished all 5 knots in about half the time for the second place team. The last afternoon event was the lashing race. First two scouts had to tie their legs together with a particular lashing for a 3 legged race across the parade field. Once across the field they tagged their team mates who had to lash together an A frame and then "walk" it back across the field (like a ladder). We did very well with the 3 legged race and lashing the A frame, but one of the spars broke when we started to walk it across the field so we did not win. We then headed back to camp. The scouts cooked dinner which included hamburgers and a backed potato which were judged as part of a cooking competition. As far as we know none of the judges died from eating our scouts cooking but we didn't win the competition. After dinner we went to the closing campfire where there were some skits/songs, the OA callout, and awards for the different events. Our troop got first place for knot tying and we won the Scout Spirit Award for enthusiasm, attitude, and participation. Sunday morning we got up, had a light breakfast, and packed up camp before heading over to the chapel service. The service was quite long for being at camp so we did not arrive back at Kern UMC until 11:00AM that morning.

We got to our campsite around 7:30PM on Friday and here the scouts are unloading our gear from our trailer.

We mostly finished setting up camp before dark but the scouts had to finish putting up our troop's sign at the entrance to our camp in the dark.

Having breakfast on Saturday morning. Very foggy but not too cold.

Here is a closeup of one of the adirondack shelters the scouts slept in.

Getting ready to head over to the opening flag ceremony.

Lined up on the parade field waiting for the flag ceremony to begin.

The "ski" competition.

Here we are at the first aid competition. The scouts had to splint the victims leg and arm and build a stretcher to carry them across the parade field.

Our patrol that was in the lead stopped and fell behind because they dropped their victim on his head.

Here is our crack knot tying team. They did not know ahead of time that they would be tying the knots behind their back.

Notice the look on their faces when told they would be tying the knots behind their backs.

Buttering up their judge so she will go easy on them.

They won!!!!!!!!!!

At the lashing competition two scouts had to do a three legged race by lashing their leg together. After they made it across the field the other scouts had to lash together an A frame and "walk" it back across the field.

One of the poles broke but the scouts rallied can carried it across the field anyway so they could at least finish the race.

Our troop did a skit at the closing campfire.

Packing up on Sunday morning.