BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Water Sports

The troop went on our annual water sports outing the weekend of August 16-18. We met at Kern Methodist Church at 6:00 on Friday and we were on the road in 20 minutes becasue we loaded the troop gear onto our trailer during the meeting on Monday evening. We got to Anderson County Park on Lake Noris around 7:30 so there was plenty of time to set up camp and build a fire before dark. On Saturday morning we got up at 7:00 to cook breakfast and get our equipment ready to head out on the lake. Before heading down to the lake the scouts put up all of our troop tents (we have 11 that are in good shape) to make sure all the parts were there and to waterproof them. Keith brought his boat and Dan Davis arrived with his boat around 9:00. We cannot thank Dan enough for for spending his Saturday with us even though his son, Chandler, has already gone off to college. With two boats, each pulling three tubes, we were able to have 14 to 16 scouts riding at the same time. The scouts were divided into three groups of 8 by age/size. One group could go out on each boat while the ramining group could either hang out in the swimming area or go back to camp. Jared is a BSA trained lifeguard, so he helped us out at the swimming area when we was not out on a boat. Thanks Jared! The scouts tubed for a coupled of hours before we headed back to camp for lunch. After lunch the scouts took down the troop tents that had been waterproofed and put them away before heading back out on the lake. We got back to camp at around 6:00 for dinner. We had blueberry and cherry cobbbler for dessert with ice cream!! We very much appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Dukes who brought the ice cream by that evening! It started to rain around 9:00PM so we had our campfire around a lantern under the shelter. It rained hard all night but quit before we rolled out of bed at 7:00 on Sunday morning. We packed up our very wet gear and had a light breakfast before heading home. We got back to Kern church around 10:30 Sunday morning.

Here are some pictures from around our camp:

Here is Keith's boat ready for action:

Here we are cooking breakfast on Saturday morning:

Loading up Keith's boat and heading out on the lake:

Dan Davis with his boat. Be sure to thank him when you see him!

Scouts hanging out in the swimming area waiting for their turn to go tubing:

Here is Jared helped us out by making good use of his BSA Lifeguard training:

Here are the the younger scouts going out on Dan's boat:

Here is the middle group of scouts going out with Dan's boat:

Here is the older group of scouts out with Keith's boat: