BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Winter Camp

Five scouts and two leaders attended winter camp this year at Camp Pellissippi this year. We met at Kern UMC at 10:00AM on Monday, December 30th, to load up out troop gear. We got there around noon and setup camp in the old staff area (just up the hill from the Winter Lodge). It was cloudy but not too cold (about 40 degrees). We shared the camp site with three other troops. Our scouts shared an adirondack shelter which had eight bunks, but they had it to themselves. One of the leaders stayed in a tent near the shelter where our scouts were staying, and the other leader scored a bunk the other adults in one of the adirondack shelters. Merit badge classes started Monday afternoon and were followed by dinner and the opening campfire. We had plenty of sleeping bags and blankets so we slept warm enough. We had a fire in camp and our meals and some of the merit badge classes were in cabins that had fire places, so we had several chances to warm up each day. Tuesday and Wednesday were sunny and cold, but there was very little complaining about the cold. On Wednesday evening there was a cobbler cookoff and our troop won first place with a strawberry (it was supposed to be cherry cobbler but I bought the wrong pie filling -- it looked like cherry on the label). It rained pretty hard during the night on Wednesday but we managed to stay mostly dry. Thursday was cold and wet but everyone had a good time anyway. Thursday afternoon the temperature dropped and by dinner time it was snowing. On Friday morning we had about an inch of snow (enough to turn everything white) and it was 14 degrees. We had breakfast, attended the last of the merit badge classes, and packed up camp. After lunch we loaded up the gear and headed home. We would have got back to Kern around 1:00PM but there were some delays getting the merit badge paperwork organized so we didn't get back unstill almost 2:30PM.

Here are the scouts in front of their adirondack shelter on Monday afternoon. We put of a trap over the netrance to keep the wind out.

Here is what the inside of the adirondack looked like.

Here you can see the other adirondack shelters.

Here is the tent I stayed in. It is about 25 feet fron the adirondack the scouts atayed in. You can see the bath house on the next hilltop over. There were hot showres, but the building was not heated.

Terry Lee, the camp program directlor, taking a swim in Lake Norris to entertain the scouts.

Here we are having hot chocolate under the picnic shelt at our camp site.

Because it was so cold and wet Thursday evening, we had the closing campfire in the winter lodge. Here are our scouts doing a skit as part of the entertainment -- they volunteered and came up with the story on their own.

It was snowing when we came out from the closing campfire on Thursday evening. Here is what my tent looked like.

Here are the sounts on Friday morning when we got back to camp fropm breakfast.