BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Backpacking Trip to Cumberland Mountain State Park

On the weekend of May 1st and 2nd, the troop went on a backpacking trip to Cumberland Mountain State Park near Crossville. We met at Kern UMC at 9:00AM on Saturday and loaded up our gear and headed out. Many thanks to Mr. Ediemiller for the use of his fater's 15 passenger van. We got to the park around 10:30AM and registerd with the ranger staion to camp on the trail overnight. After a short lesson on using a map and compass we started down the trail around 11:00AM. Our plan was to combined three trails, Cumberland Plateau Trail, Byrd Creek Trail, and the Overnight Trail, to make an 8.2 miles loop. These trails made for an easy backpacking trip with only a 200ft elevation change over the entire route. Around noon we stopped for lunch at a very nice bridge built by another scout troop as and Eagle Scout project. The trail was very scenic and the weather was perfect. It looked like a bad storm or even a tornado had passed through in the last couple of years. There were a lot of trees down but the park had done a good job of clearing the trails. At Mr. Ochs suggestion we planned our route so that we hiked around 5 miles on Saturday so we would only have a little more than three miles to go on Sunday. When we reached the designated camping area there were already people camping there and the site was too small to accommodate many more people. So we went another 1/4 mile and scouted out another camp site that was conviente to a stream for filtering water. We setup camp and around 5PM and had dinner. Later we had a campfire and went to bed. Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, packed up camp, and were back on the trail around 9:15AM. After another very plesant hike we arrived back at the ranger station just before 11AM and had lunch. We got back to the church around 12:15PM.

Packing Checklist
Beginner Backing Tips
Trail Map

Unloading our gear at the Ranger Station at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

Hiking along Byrd Creek.

Having lunch at the bridge built as an Eagle Scout project by another troop.

At the suspension bridge over Three Mile Creek.

Taking a break at the washed out bridge over Thre Mile Creek.
It looked like the old bridge was destroyed by a falling tree.

Hiking on the most remote section of the trail.

Taking a break while scouting for a good camping spot.

We found a good spot to camp near a stream where we count get water.

Having breakfast and breaking down camp on Sunday morning.

On the trail back to the Ranger Station.