BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Day Hike to Greenbrier Pinnacle

The troop went on a day hike on Saturday, March 28th, up to Greenbrier Pinnacle. This was the hike that was originally planned for March 7th. We met at the church at 8:00AM and got to the Ramsey Cascades trailhead around 10:00AM. The trial in inside the GSMNP near Pitman Center. We had eleven scouts and three leaders on the hike. When we got there the ground was covered in snow but the roads were clear. We hiked about a mile on the Ramsey Cascades trail before turning onto the Greenbrier Pinnacle trail. Greenbrier Pinnacle trail is no longer maintained by the park service so there were several logs to climb over and the rhododendron had overgrown the trial in several places. It was a good hike, especially in the snow. Round trip we hiked a little over 10 miles. Bushwhacking through the rhododendron caused a lot snow to fall down on us so it was hard to stay dry. The scouts played in the snow and there were some snow balls flying. There was quite a bit more snow up near the top where we stopped for lunch. The only complaining we heard from the scouts was some cold hands after stopping for lunch. It took us about 4 1/2 hours to reach the lookout point but the view was spectacular. We could see Mt. LeConte and Grapeyard Ridge which were also covered in snow. At the lookout point we could look back toward Oak Ridge and clearly see the steam from Bull Run (50 miles away) using binoculars. The hike back down only took about two hours and we got back to the church around 6:00PM.

Click here for the trail map.

Were we are in the trailhead parkinglot getting organized.

On the Ramsey Cascades trail before we turn off onto the Greenbrier Pinnacle trail.

Now we are on the Greenbrier Pinnacle trail on our way up to the lookout point.

At the lookout point.

The hike back down. Most od the snow had melted by the time back to the trailhead.