BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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White Water Rafting on the Upper Pigeon River

The troop went whitewater rafting on upper section of the Pigeon River on the weekend of September 6-7. We met at Kern UMC at 1:00PM on Saturday and headed out for headquarters of our outfitter, Wildwater. There were 14 scouts and 7 sdults in our group. They will provided all the equipment including PFD's and helmets. We had an amusing but efective safety briefing and then loaded onto a "rustic" bus for the trip up to the put-in at the powerhouse (the one you can see from I-40 near the TN/NC state line). For reasons that were not obvious to us, the dam was realeasing over twice the normal flow so some of the rapids that are normally class II were running class IV that afternoon. The trip down the river was awesome, the only down side was that there was so much water the ride was ~15 minutes shorter than normal. We were on the water for 5.5 miles and we had an excellent guide in each raft (Dawn, Tyler, and Gale). After rafting we headed over to the Cosby Campground in the national park. On our way to the campground, the bottom fell out of the clounds and it rained so hard it was difficult to see the road signs. 15 minutes later when got there the rain had stopped. We setup camp on two adjacient group campsites then built a fire (had some trouble becasue the wodd was wet) and cooked hotdogs. Just minutes after we finished eating, the rain startedup again -- and it was not a sprinkle. We crowded under the canopy and finished off the cookies and potato chips. Finally the rain lacked off and we went to our tents. The next morning, we had fuit and cereal for breakfast and did a head count to make sure no one was washed away during the night. Then we packed up camp and hit the road. We got back to the church around 11:00AM.

Packing Checklist

Here we are at the outfitter waiting on the safety briefing.

Chris is explainning what to do if you get thrown out of the raft.

Here we are at the powerhouse getting ready to launch the rafts.

Here are some photos taken by the outfitter.
The raft with Tyler as the guide:

The raft with Dawn as the guide:

The raft with Gale as the guide:

Gale is almost ejected from the raft.

Gale and I are trying to grab the smaller boys to keep them in the raft. And yes, the raft is mostly under water.

We made it!!

Here we are at the campground.

Trying to build a fire when everything is wet.

We finally get the fire going. Cooking hot dogs.