BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Pionering Merit Badge

The troop went on a camp out the weekend of May 15-17 in Oak Ridge to work on the Pioneering merit badge. Scouts were dropped off on Tuskegee Drive near the disc golf course on Friday evening and picked up Sunday morning at the same location. From the road we hiked about 200 yards into the woods to a clearing and setup camp. Saturday morning we started on Requirement 10 for the Pioneering merit badge which is to build a project using only poles and spars lashed together with rope -- we used bamboo growing nearby for the spars. For the project we decided to build catapults and then to make it more interesting we had a competition to see whose catapult could launch a softball the greatest distance. The scouts were divided into 5 groups so we had 5 catapults. The basic rules were that on rope and bamboo could be used and each catapult had to be able to fire 3 shots without self destructing. The scouts had a lot of fun designing and building the catapults and each team came up with a good design. When it came time for the competition, only 3 of the catapults managed to actually launch a softball and only one fired it more than a few feet. The winning shot went about 80 feet. After the competition, the scouts played softball using a bamboo bat. After dinner, we had a campfire and then the scouts had some free time to hang out. Sunday morning packed up camp and hiked back over to Tuskegee Drive to be picked up.

Packing Checklist
Map of the area where we camped

Scouts beging dropped off on Tuskegee Drive and getting organized for the hike in to the campsite.

This is the map to the campsite we left for scouts arriving late. They may never be seen again.

When we got to the campsite, the scouts had to use their pioneing skills to raise the flag.

Dave Oches joined us on Saturday morning and he brought doughnuts!

We divided into 5 teams to build the catapults.

Setting up to test fire each catapult so the teams can work out any problems.

The competition to see which team can launch a softball the longest distance.
Most of this section is made of videos. I am still learning how to embed video so you will probably need to click on each one to get it to load and then click play.
On my computer there is a 3 or 4 second delay after you click play.

This is Team 1:

This is Team 2: (the winning shot!)

This is Team 3:

This is Team 4:

This is Team 5:

After shooting the catapults, the scouts used the softballs and a bamboo bat to play softball.

Packing up and hiking out on Sunday morning.