BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Raccoon Mountain Cave

The troop went caving at Raccoon Mountain Caverns (near Chattanooga) on the weekend of December 20-21. 19 scouts and 6 adults participated. We met at Kern UMC by 11:00AM and after shuffling vehicles to come up with enough seats we got on the road around 11:30AM. We arrived at Raccoon Mountain around 1:30PM and the Geology merit badge class got started around 2:00PM. Andrew, a geology student from UT Chattanooga, taught the merit badge class and did a very good job. After the merit badge, we had dinner and got ready for the cave tour. Everything we needed was provided by the outfitter (helmet, light, gloves, knee pads). Our guides for the cave tour were Dylan (a former Eagle Scout from our troop) and Kevin. Everyone put their gear for sleeping into a plastic bag and we headed into the cave around 7:00PM. We left our gear in the "Crystal Palace" chamber of the developed part of the cave and headed into the "wild" part of the cave. The tour lasted a little over 4 hours and we climbed, crawled, slid and scooted a total distance of about 1 1/2 miles. It was wet and muddy but everyone made it through in one piece. Click here for a map of the cave, our route is highlighted in yellow. We spent the night back in the Crystal Palace room which was good because they turned the lights on so we could see to layout of sleeping bags. It was lights out about 12:30AM. Dylan woke us up at 7:00AM and packed up and had breakfast. We left Raccoon Mountain around 8:30AM and got back to Kern about 10:30AM.

Map showing the route we took through the cave.
Packing Checklist
Adult Waiver Form
Youth Waiver Form

Here we are packing up on Sunday morning after spending the night in the cave.