BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Mountain Biking

The troop went mountain biking on the Noth Boundary Trail in Oak Ridge on Saturday, August 29th. We met at the westend guard shack on the OR Turnpike at 1:00PM. 13 scouts and 4 adults aprticipated. The trail was 12.5 miles of gravel road and eventhough it is listed on Outdoor Knoxville as a mountain biking trail, it is not very technical. The ride took a little more than 3 hours. We took a long rest break at the quarry and stopped at the Gallaher cemetary. Near the end of the trail, about half of the scouts took the Big Oak spur trail back to the guard shack to get in a little more serious mountain biking.

Trail Map

Behind the guard shack just before we started out on the trail.

Taking a break at the quarry.

We stopped at the Gahaler cemetary.