BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Water Sports

The troop went on our annual water sports outing the weekend of August 14-16. We met at Kern UMC at 6:00 on Friday and got to the group campsite at Anderson County Park on Lake Norris a little after 7PM. We setup camp and did what we could to get ready for tubing on Saturday. On Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. WE had planned to head out on the lake around 10AM but there was some bad weather in the area that delayed us by ~45 minutes. The rest of the day was perfect weather. The scouts tubed all day and the last group got back to camp around 6:30PM. We had dinner and most of the scouts were too tired to even stay up for have some cobbler. It was already very quiet at beadtime. Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast and then broke camp and loaded up.. We arrived back at Kern UMC around 10:15AM.

Water Sports Packing List

Around camp on Saturday:

Out on the lake: