BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Winter Camp

Our troop went to Winter Camp at Camp Pellissippi the week of December 28th through January 1st. We met at Kern UMC on Monday at 11:00AM to load the trailer and get organized. Due to all the rain we decided not to back the trailer down to the scout room so there was an excessive amount of equipment shuffling required to get the troop gear loaded. We got to camp around 1:00PM and got setup well before the heavy rain started. The opening campfire was moved indoors (no fire) due to the rain. It was unusually warm so we were pretty comfortable even with the rain. Tuesday was mostly sunny and warm, Wednesday was rainy and a little cooler, and Thursday was cloudy and cold. Thursday night and Friday morning were very cold, but we were prepared well enough to make it through. On Friday morning we packed up our equipment and then spent a few hours cleaning up the camp at large. We got back to the church around 12:30.

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Leader's Guide
Merit Badges
Camp Schedule

Breakfast on Tuesday morning. Scouts are mostly awake.
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Around our campsite on Tuesday. We were sharing the old staff site with two other troops. Most of our scouts are staying in the adirondacks.
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Our troop did the evening flag ceremony on Tuesday evening.
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Breakfast on Wednesday morning. Scouts are looking rough. Don't plan to take photos on Thursday or Friday morning!
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One of our scouts working on the horsemanship merit badge.

The camp director being duct tapped to the flagpole.
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Making hot chocolate.

In camp on Thursday.

At the archery range.
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