BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Lost Creek Cave Outing

On the weekend of June 2-4 the troop went on a caving outing to Lost Creek Cave. The cave is on the premises of Fall Creek Falls State Park, but is a 25 minute drive from where we camped. We met at Kern UMC at 6:00PM on Friday, June 2nd, and drove to Fall Creek Falls State Park. 16 scouts and 4 aduts participated. We also had Bill DeVan from the East Tennessee Chapter of the National Speleological Society with us (to make sure we could find our way back out!). We setup camp on the primitive sites P1-P3 on loop C. On Saturday morning we had a big breakfast and headed out for the cave. After getting seriously lost on the way, we got to the cave around 11:00AM. We spent about 4 1/2 hours exploring the cave and everyone had a good time. There were not too many tight squeezes,and several times we wound up going in circles. I am convinced that the ma of the cave we were using was either incomplete or not entirely accurate. Once we exited the cave, the scouts played around in the waterfall outside the cave for a while. It was after 5:00PM when we got back to camp so we skipped lunch and went ahead and cooked dinner. The scouts hiked down to a waterfall near our campsite and played in the water there. Saturday evening, we had a campfire. The scouts were so exhausted, they went to bed early. Sunday morning we broke camp and made a quick get away just before the rain moved in. We got back to the church around 11:00AM.

Packing Checklist
Park Service Waiver Form

Around camp onSaturday morning.

We got lost on the way to the cave. How many scout masters does it take to read a map????

Getting Ready to head into the cave.

We stopped at a waterfall just ourside the cave.

Just before we entered the cave.

Exploring the cave.

We found our way back out!!!!!

Playing around in the waterfall when we came out of the cave.

We had a nice campfire Saturday evening.

Packing up on Sunday morning. Trying to head out before it rains.