BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Charit Creek Backpacking

On the weekend of April 22-23, the troop went backpacking in the Big South Fork. We stayed at the Charit Creek Lodge so minimal equipment was required. We met at Kern at 7:30 on Saturday morning and got to the Charit Creek Trailhead around 10:00. Were drove through heavy rain the whole way but it slacked off when we got there and only had a little drizzle on the hike to the lodge. We dropped off our equipment and headed out to hike the Twin Arches Loop around 1:00. The rain had stopped and we had a very pleasant hike. When we got back to camp, the scout hauled off some brush for their conservation service project. The rain came back with a vengeance before the scouts were done with the service project and it continued to rain until the next morning. Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast and headed back up the trail to the trailhead. Once again the rain diminished while we were on the trail. We got back to the church around 12:30 on Sunday.

Packing Checklist

Here we are at the tailhead having lunch and getting ready to hike to the lodge.

On the trail to the lodge.

Hanging out at the lodge before the Twin Arches hike.

Hiking the Twin Arches Loop trail.

Working on the conservation service project.

Having dinner on Satruday evening.

Having breakfast at the lodge on Sunday morning.

On the trail back up to the trailhead.

Back at the trailhead.