BSA Troop 328

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Posting the Colors at the Anderson County Republican Party Dinner

On Friday evening, February 10th, 5 scouts from our troop had the honor of posting the colors for the Anderson County Republican Party's Reagan Day and Congratulatory Dinner for Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally. Special Guest Governor Haslam was there along with many other prominent state and local officials. The scouts did an excellent job and a couple of them were able to speak with the Governor.

Planning the route through the very crowded banquet hall at the Double Tree.
" "

The ceremony is all worked out and the scouts are ready.

Here is the front of the program for the dineer. The main event was a speech by Governor Haslam.

Waiting for the program to start. The room is packed so it will be hard for the color guard to weave their way through.

Posting the colors. It was hard to get any good photos from the back of the room.