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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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Sea Kayaking High Adventure Trek

BSA Costal Georgia Council

October 7-14, 2017

The troop went on the sea kayaking high adventure trek offered by the BSA Coastal Georgia Council. It was a week long adventure on October 7th through the 14th, the second week of Fall Break for Oak Ridge Schools. We had 14 scouts and 5 adults participate. We drove down to Camp Tolochee on Saturday, October 7th, and camped Saturday night. The program began right after lunch on Sunday. We spent Sunday and Monday learning to kayak and how to rescue people whose kayak flipped over. On Tuesday we drove up to the boat ramp at Belleville Point and launched the kayaks from there. All associated equipment such as the kayaks, PFD's, food, cooking equipment, tents, etc. were provided by the program. After launching we split up into two groups and each group took a different path to our campsite on Creighton Island. Once there, we setup camp and swam and fished before dinner. Wednesday, we set out just before high tide to explore the "Northwest Passage" and the "No Guts No Glory" though the marsh. We saw a shark, a sea turtle eating a horseshoe crab, and a manatee. On the way back, the wind was blowing the roughly the direction we wanted to go so the scouts used tarps to construct sails. Thursday, we paddled over to a sandbar that appears out in the middle of the channel at low tide. It made a nice beach for swimming and fishing. We stayed there until it disappeared as the tide came in. When we got back to camp, we did a service project to the owner of the island clean up and repair his dock after Hurricane Irma. On Friday, we paddled to a different sandbar and played there until the direction of the tide changed. Then the tide carried us back to the landing at Belleville Point. We loaded the kayaks back on the trailers and drove back to Camp Tolochee. Back at base camp, we washed the equipment, played in the pool. For dinner we were treated to a low country boil followed by an awards program where we received our pirate names and program patches and certificates. Saturday morning we had breakfast and drove back to Oak Ridge. We arrived back at Kern around 6:30PM.


Date Activity
Saturday, Oct 7 Meet at Kern UMC at 8:00AM. Drive to Camp Tolochee (8 hours). Eat breakfast before you come. We will stop for lunch (fast food) on the way (scouts will need spending money). Camp at Camp Tolochee (we are responsible for dinner on Saturday)
Sunday, Oct 8 Sea Kayaking program begins at 1:00PM. Work on Kayaking skills and safety. We are responsible for breakfast and lunch. Program will provide dinner.
Monday, Oct 9 Continue work on kayaking skills and safety. Meals provided by program.
Tuesday, Oct 10 Sea Kayaking: Load up equipment and head out on the water. Food, kayaks, PFD’s, cooking equipment, and tents provided by the program.
Wednesday, Oct 11 Sea Kayaking
Thursday, Oct 12 Sea Kayaking
Friday, Oct 13 Sea Kayaking: Return to Camp Tolochee in the afternoon. Closing ceremony.
Saturday, Oct 14 Drive back to Oak Ridge. Breakfast provided by program. We will stop for lunch (fast food) on the way home. We plan to be back at the church around 5:00PM.

Cost Estimate:
15 passenger van rental: $1300.00
Gas for van and vehicle pulling trailer: 1050 miles round trip x 2 vehicles / 20mpg = 105 gal x $2.75/gal = $288.75 => $290
Troop food for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch: $150.00
Sea Kayaking program cost: $295 x 20 participants = $5900.00

Total = $1300 + $290 + $150 + $5900 = $7640 / 20 participants = $382

So the following participants need to pay $382 to the troop by September 25th: Bennett, Blaise, Eli, Leroy, Travis, Mark, Mr. Bishofberger.

The other participants who indicated they would like the "Sea Dawg Hat" owe an additional $23 which adds up to $405 which also needs to be paid to the troop by September 25th: Dawson, Reed, Nolan Thomas, Marcus, Mateo, Jeffery, Asher, Joel, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Laffoon, Mr. Cacheiro, Mr. Robertson

Scouts will also need to bring some spending money for lunch on the road on the trip down as well as the trip home.

All scouts and adults need to have the following forms turned to Mr. Robertson by September 25th:
   BSA Consent From
   Dietary Restriction From (not needed unless you have a dietary restriction)
   Creighton Island Hold Harmless Form Youth / Adult (separate forms for scouts and adults) (THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED!!!)

Personal Gear:
See the packing list. Tents, kayaks, PFD's, paddles, food, and cooking gear are provided by the program.
We will have an equipment shakedown following the Troop Court Of Honor on September 25th so please bring your personal gear so the leaders can make sure it is appropriate.

Other Information:
Map of Camp Tolochee
Frequently Asked Questiona (FAQ)
2017 Leader's Guide